I miss you

Hello blog. I miss you terribly. My yearning to spend time with you has been steadfast alas, the mind has a hold over the heart. Will we be together again, I wonder. I have so much to tell you. A little sleep sacrifice may help but I am not sure what is important anymore. Till then…


One fine evening, Chef J held a pizza making session for the kids. My little one was in such deep concentration for the session that he wasn’t even tempted to taste it. See the apron? Chef J bought aprons for the kiddos! It made my little one’s day.

And the happy campers before we shove the pizza into the oven!

From start to end! YUMS! Homemade handmade pizzas are always the best.

*Pardon the photo color level. No time to photoshop.*

On 1st Sept 2011, he attended his very first wedding dinner! This fellow made us mighty proud of him. He behaved when he was required. And he would allow anyone to carry him so long they accompany him to see the pianist at work. This bribery enabled us to feast! *wink* He also tasted every dish with exception of…….FISH!

The very next day, he attended his first ROM luncheon and had a lot of fun exploring the stage area. He knocked out after the luncheon which was fantastic because we could do some shopping.

It was Dylan’s 3rd trip to the zoo! Somehow, we managed to tour the entire zoo in 1 morning! Such accomplishment. Previously, we could finish about a third and maybe catch 1 show. This time round, we even managed to sneak in 2 shows! This is the difference planning in advance can make.

Make a guess which animal he saw hiding in the bushes?

Make a guess what animal sound is he trying to mimick?

Next comes the firsts. The first pony ride, the first time feeding a goat, the first time visiting the water feature at the zoo and the first time seeing the safari animals. Boy was he amazed. He kept pointing and going ooh ahh. I figured he was wondering how did the zebra get so big in real life. I think at some point he actually forgot to blink! The excitement in his eyes was contagious. We soon caught on and got all hyped up too.

And the trip ended nicely with a family photo as a momento.

On a sunny Sunday morning, I needed to do grocery and off we head to City Square Mall after church. Dylan was the first kid in BK and I reckon it warrants him……a crown! Hehe.

I managed to organised a playdate at CV for the march babies. Look at how they have grown! Instead of tending to the children like we did previously, they were playing on their own most of the time. The session ended with 2 loves: bubbles & cakes. Till xmas gathering!

Time Fast Forward

The yearning to blog has been particulary strong in the past few months. Day in day out, it’s work and then baby, baby and then work. The word “Burnout” can be used to describe my mental state now. I need me-time. I need to do something I throughly enjoy. Scrapping booking is too time consuming but penning a couple of words shouldn’t be so.

I am finally done with procrastination – “but I havn’t blogged about Dylan from 6 months on!”.

Oh to hell with it.

The journey begins again. πŸ™‚

Presenting…my 5 months rocker boy!


The month started on beautiful note. The 3 kiddos went on a morning walk together. Zen was walked by Nic. Boise was walked by Dad. And I strolled along with Dylan in my arms. πŸ™‚ It was such a heartwarming sight. Such moments are meant to be captured by the eyes to be remembered forever. Dylan has started to recognise his caregivers and would lift his arms to ask to be carried by farmiliar ones. He has formed a habit of toe sucking! He tells us no no no – mainly to milk feeds – by signally with his hands. No one would believe me when I say he hides behind his blankie and tries to pretend sleep when we say milk time. That cutie can really get on my nerves sometimes!

Just look at how the little one interacts….

Grandma sings: Where did you go? Off to London and back?
ε°η“œ: Ehh.
Grandma says: Happy?
ε°η“œ: Umm.
Grandma says: Why sound so gentle? No one would have you could cry the entire house down!

AND ε°η“œ chuckles…

He does have his grumpy moments too.

I would like to believe he is a chip off the old block…

Healthwise, he’s doing great except for his eye. PD alert us that the blocked tear duct in his left eye needs attention as the eye infections are happening way too frequently. We were referred to KKH and advised to do regular massage and cleansing. I do pray it goes away by a year old elses minor op is required. Cleansing his eye is always a pain. Dripping antibiotic drops is even worst. In the intial days, my cubby would blink and not remember what happened. Now that he is more aware, he absolutely abhores it!

Since this is a super belated post, I can’t really recall if there are milestones but one thing for sure. He’s going to turn out geeky. He stares intensely without blinking at the computer screen when my brother play games. He is learning how to stroke Zen the correct way. Let’s just say to reach perfection will result in loads of fur loss. We also took him for his first dip in the pool. Knees down though. Grandma refers to his bath as water play and the water is always warm. Thus the first time his feet touched the icy cool water, he was baffled. Later, he had a whale of time kicking and splashing. The feeling must be exhilarating. Lastly, the thing I remember most clearly is he gets excited at the sight of his BJORN carrier. It’s exactly like how the dogs react – less the tail wagging – when I hold a plastic bag in my hand.

Continue to rock my world, baby! πŸ™‚

Boise has fallen sick. The poor fellow had diarrhoea for 3 days before we caved in to see a vet. Instead of advising me on recovery diet, she nagged at me for feeding barf and hinted that Boise could lose some weight. 😦 I can’t seem to find THE VET here in Singapore. They are so quick to reach for antibiotics and kaolin! Back in Australia, the vets actually wrote me a menu for the recovery period. It goes something like this.

Day 1: Porridge Water
Day 2: Porridge Water+Porridge+Chicken Breast
Day 3: Porridge Water+Porridge+Chicken Breast+Egg White
Day 4: Porridge Water+Porridge+Chicken Breast+Egg Yolk
Day 5: Resume Usual Diet


Zen on the other hand was in a constantly sleepy and dreamy state. He was all zoink out from doing his long hours guard duty at the cot. When he needed to chill out, he’ll hop onto the chair to get a glimpse of the sun, the pool and the sky. It’s certainly a dog’s life!





At this point of their life, they are given loads of attention and love. πŸ™‚ This is made possible by the magic of family unity – everyone chips in.

Dear Dyl Dyl,

The milestone of the month is FLIPPING! You have perfected turning from back to tummy on the bed – but not the other way round so you would call for us when you get stuck. With your newfound abilities, you shift(sometimes rotate) a lot more in your sleep. This is very disturbing to the newfound light sleeper aka your moma.


This month, you have discovered your feet! And what a “sock”-pulling experience it has been. Your yanking off record time is 5 seconds for booties and 30 seconds for socks. Precisely the reason why I bought only 2 pairs of booties. Come to think of it, your 5 pairs of mittens lasted you for 6 weeks before it became impossible to keep it on you; awake or asleep. The elders have advised to keep you healthy, you should have your feet covered all the time till you are at least 6 months old. What shall we do with a 4 month old who yanks his socks off all the time? Solution: Put it on while you are asleep. (Results: The advise WORKS! He didn’t fall sick in the first 7.5 months except for 1 time he was running a slight fever after immunisation. Before 10 months old, he fell sick twice at 7.5 and 8.5 months old.)

These days, you are more aware of your surroundings and watch our faces very intensely. However, you havn’t seem to notice the dogs. You are not all clueless though. On the day of the World Cup opening, you napped for 3 hours in the evening in anticipation to watch it and refuse to sleep at your usual 8pm bedtime.

You have been spending more time in your cot than I would like you too. Correction. YOU spend almost ALL your time in there. It’s your sleep, poo, pee, drink, play area. YES, your NEW pattern to lie down in your cot to drink your milk. There was one day this interactive bubbles read a chinese story to Grandpa and he flipped a page to prove his point. From then on, book on his right, playgym on his left. To encourage you to practice flipping and improve your motor skills, she added a piano for you to play. This keeps you entertained while Grandma get busy with her chores. Since you came home, Grandma advocates responding to you when you cry so that you grow up to be a happy and independent little boy. There is no way a newborn can manipulate adults. She’s right. You could self entertain yourself for as long as 40 minutes with this arrangement. In turn, we give you loving koala bear hugs when we carry you upright.

(To upload cot playgym video)

To further prove her point, you wouldn’t scream your head off when we do not give you attention.

In these 4 months, the only investments we made for your playtime is a battery operate fan, playgym and Sophie. It has been fully optimized several times a day and it is really all you need for the first few months. I figured this will keep you busy till you have learnt to crawl.


What I am most pleased about is I have been latching you once a day. The closeness, the tingles running through the body, the bonding. It’s AMAZING! There is no way I can describe that feeling. There was one morning I couldn’t have a letdown. You happen to wake up so I latched you to empty the milkbar. With soft morning rays shining in, trickling of water from the pool and birds happily chirping outside, it set the ambience for mother-son bonding. I am falling more in love everyday.

Love you more and more each day,